We have some important information about delivery and installation of your flooring and accessories that you should keep in mind – and what to do in the unlikely event you experience any problems.

    Arranging Delivery


    Your delivery date is as close as possible to your requested date, however we cannot guarantee that a shipment will arrive on that date. Dates given assume that no delays have occurred during pickup or transit. Transit times are not guaranteed unless specified; guaranteed dates apply to transit time only. Carriers do not normally deliver on weekends or national holidays.

    Our warehouses require 24 hour notice on all orders which can possibly add another day before delivery. Thus, the minimum standard time for delivery in at least 3 days plus the time the carrier requires to transit to your location.

    You MUST call the terminal to schedule a delivery date. Further, you MUST call the terminal the morning of delivery to confirm arrangements.

    Vents & Accessories

    For vents and accessories, please expect approximately two week shipping time. Rush orders are extremely difficult to fill because most accessories are custom made for your order. Vents and accessories will arrive via UPS. Please note – accessories cannot be delivered to a construction site.

    Tracking Your Shipment


    Tracking information for your flooring will not be available until the day it is picked up – which is usually just a few days before your delivery date.

    Our delivery coordinator will relay this information as soon as it becomes available. At that time, you can contact the carrier to arrange your delivery time window. Carriers usually give you a 4 hour window from 8 am - 12 noon or 1 pm - 5 pm.

    Vents & Accessories

    You will be able to track your vents and accessories orders via the ups.com website. We relay this information to you as soon as our supplier provides it to us.

    Preparing for Delivery & Unloading

    We ask all of our carriers to call prior to delivery to inform you of when they will arrive. If you are not present when the truck arrives, you will incur an extra fee for re-delivery.

    Residential delivery is a non-assisted offload at the curb side and the flooring is too heavy to use the lift-gate on the trailer. A 1,000 sq ft floor weighs about 4,000 lbs and consists of about 50 cartons that are 80 lbs each and 7' long. We recommend you have at least 2-3 people per 1,000 sq ft of flooring to assist with the offload. You will have thirty minutes to complete unloading the floor.  Otherwise, the freight carrier charges per hour.

    In the past, customers with long driveways have found it helpful to shuttle the flooring between the garage and the curbside via pickup truck or SUV. For large orders, we recommend having a forklift or boom lift on site to assist with the offload.


    The flooring must acclimate for at least 1 week, preferably 2 weeks, before installation. Acclimation must occur in the installation area for the flooring and at normal temperature conditions. Proper acclimation will not occur if the flooring is stored in the garage and the flooring is to be installed in the living room. For more details, refer to our acclimation page on our web site.


    Keep the following things in mind, in the unlikely event you experience any problems.

    If there are a few lightly damaged boxes please do not refuse delivery, otherwise you will have to pay an expensive re-delivery fee or pick up the flooring from the terminal.

    • Occasionally there may be minor exterior damage to boxes – this normally is no cause for concern.
    • Flooring is backed with the surface facing inward, so any damages to the finish are minimal.
    • 90% of damaged flooring can be cut and utilized, at the very least as starter boards and in closets.
    • Proceed with installation. We can typically arrange for additional boxes should you require them at the end of the job.

    If there is a major problem, please call our representative at their direct extension immediately or dial our main line (866) 935-4631.

    • We will work with you and the freight company to attempt to resolve your claim.
    • To ensure we can process a freight claim, you must note the damage on the delivery and take digital photos of the damage. This is your only proof of your claim. If you accept delivery without any notes, it will make it substantially more difficult, if not impossible, to prove your claim and obtain compensation.
    • Most times 90% of damaged boxes are usable. Flooring is placed with the finished side facing inward, thus limiting scratching of the finish. If a board is partially damaged, it can be cut and used as a starter board or in a closet.
    • Proceed with installation if there is only minor damage. We can provide a few additional boxes if necessary at the end of the job.

    If you have any questions concerning arranging delivery, please feel free to contact your personal representative.