Original Eb-Ty Hidden Deck Fasteners & Screws


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    Building decks of man-made materials like Trex® or tropical hardwoods like Pau Lope® or , Teak, or Ipe? Use award-winning Eb-Ty hidden deck fasteners to hold down deck boards and you’ll see nary a screw or nail. Our Eb-Ty deck fasteners now include stainless steel screws with black painted heads, so the deck fastener is almost perfectly hidden!

    Installation is easy – everything takes place on the top side. First, use a biscuit joiner to cut slots in each deck board where it crosses a joist. Then apply a thin bead of construction adhesive to the top of the joists. Next, drive a 7 x 2-1/4" long stainless steel trim head screw through the Eb-Ty clip and decking board and into the joist at a 45° angle (there isn’t any need to measure; the clips automatically set the angle). Eb-Ty’s unique design locks everything together like the tongue and groove of a hardwood floor.

    Use #1 Square Driver bits: HHS-0120 #1 x 2" Ball Detent, HHS-0134 #1 x 3-1/2" Ball Detent, or a reduced shank driver such as HRS-0110 #1 x 1" Wire Detent or HRS-0120 #1 x 1-15/16" Ball Detent Driver.

    Original Eb-Ty hidden deck fasteners work best with dimensionally stable decking materials such as tropical hardwoods from 3/4" to 5/4" thick.

    Eb-Ty received the 1998 Construction Innovation Award from the editors of The Journal of Light Construction, has been reviewed in Fine Homebuilding (March 1998) and has appeared on The Learning Channel show, “Men in Tool Belts.”

    Made in the USA of UV-resistant polypropylene.

    One pkg. Per 100 sq. ft. of deck

    Eb-Ty dimensions:
    • Height: 1/2"
    • Width: 1"
    • Length: 2-3/8"
    • Thickness: .140
    • Keel Thickness: 3/32

    eb-ty hidden deck fasteners and screws

    • eb-ty hidden deck fasteners and screws
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